Omege 3 and Prostate Cancer. Junk Science?

Omega 3 and Cancer Study Response

IntroductionOn July 10, 2013, major media headlines and news stories claimed “Too Much Fish Oil Might Boost Prostate Cancer Risk.”Wow, that sure seems fishy given all of the positive health benefits linked to fish oil intake. In examining the study, there are numerous issues that clearly indicate that perhaps the conclusion is wrong, but really a study’s conclusion is only as good as the study itself. 

Data Used was From the SELECT Study

The pedigree of the study source is impressive. It was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and was conducted by researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, WA.1 Yet, the data they used is from the much maligned Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT). That is the real problem.


The SELECT study was a very large clinical study that attempted to determine whether vitamin E could prevent prostate cancer. Previous studies had shown 50 IU of vitamin E was protective against prostate cancer, but the SELECT study chose to use 400 IU of synthetic vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopherol) at a dosage of 400 IU. Results showed that the subjects taking vitamin E alone had a 17% higher risk of prostate cancer compared to the control group.


In the new analysis, researchers measured the levels of fats in the blood (plasma phospholipids) and concluded that men with the highest concentrations of EPA, DPA and DHA-three fatty acids derived from fish and fish-oil supplements-had an increased risk of prostate cancer. Specifically, they reported a 71 percent increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer; a 44 percent increase in the risk of low-grade prostate cancer and an overall 43 percent increase in risk for total prostate cancer in a subset of patients with the highest level of these omega-3 fatty acids.


Important considerations of this data are the following:

  • This study is not consistent with other studies (discussed below)
  • The study did NOT include information or documentation of fish or fish oil intake in the study group. It was NOT set up initially to evaluate these factors, hence its relevance is not as significant as studies designed to specifically determine the impact of omega-3 fatty acids on prostate cancer risk.
  • There is no evidence that anybody in this study took fish oil supplements or even ate fish.
  • In usual circumstances, plasma levels of EPA and DHA reflect very recent intake and are considered a poor biomarker of long-term omega-3 intake.
  • Patients with prostate cancer may have only recently increased their fish and/or fish oil consumption.
  • Fish and fish oil ingestion produces a big rise in plasma omega-3 levels in about 4.5 hours and washes out around 48 hours.
  • The data may reflect cancer activity rather than a causative association. Without dietary history or documentation of fish oil use there is no way of knowing.


Lastly, the following statement by the authors suggests that they may have significant bias: “There is really no evidence that taking dietary supplements is beneficial to health, and there is increasing evidence that taking high doses is harmful.” Such a statement shows a clear axe to grind in light of a great deal of scientific evidence on the value of dietary supplementation.


A Closer Look at the Reported Results

Let’s take a closer look at the reported results to see if things add up. The bottom line is that they do not. Let’s first take a look at the blood levels of EPA+DHA – the major forms of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements. As Table 1 shows the levels are quite similar among the groups. These blood levels of EPA+DHA are actually quite modest and do not reflect huge levels of fish or fish supplements being consumed. The average EPA+DHA plasma level for men is generally approximately 4%. So, the levels reported here are typical, but a little lower than normal and the ratio of EPA to DHA is also a little lower as well.


Table 1. Distribution of EPA and DHA among SELECT participants by prostate cancer grade (n=2273)*


No Cancer(1364 pts.) Total Cancer(834 pts.) Low-Grade Cancer(684 pts.) High-Grade Cancer(156 pts.)
Total EPA+DHA (% of total fatty acids) 3.52 3.66 3.66 3.74


What the researchers did next was divide cancer patients up by their blood levels of fatty acids and look at the hazard ratio – the relative risk over time – associated with different levels of the various fatty acids (see Table 2). As it relates to EPA, statistical significance was not achieved for total cancer or high-grade cancer (the P value has to be less than 0.05 to be deemed anything more than random chance). For DHA, there was statistical significance. But, again, the levels of DHA are typical of what is found in men consuming modest amounts of fish. However, the level of EPA was lower than that typically found and the ratio of EPA to DHA was also lower. What this may mean is that there may be increased conversion of EPA to DHA in prostate cancer. Though one interesting observation is that the hazard ratio (HR) actually went down in high-grade prostate cancer in the group with the highest level of DHA compared to the next highest group. This suggests that it is not that significant of a factor as one would expect if it was that the higher the level the higher the HR. But, this finding has a P value of 0.09 so no real conclusions can be made as it was probably a random finding.


Table 2. Associations between EPA and DHA among SELECT participants by prostate cancer grade (n=2273)


Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (% of total fatty acids) Total Cancer(834 pts.) Low-Grade Cancer(684 pts.) High-Grade Cancer(156 pts.) Total CancerHazard Ratio Low-GradeHazard Ratio High -GradeHazard Ratio

    <0.43 183 146 33 1.00 1.00 1.00
    0.43-0.57 176 140 39 0.91 0.91 1.06
    0.58-0.82 231 198 37 1.16 1.28 0.93
    >0.82 244 200 47 1.18 1.22 1.30
    P value

0.08 0.48 0.38

     <2.33 193 159 29 1.00 1.00 1.00
    2.33-2.93 192 154 36 1.05 1.01 1.37
    2.04-3.62 212 174 49 1.24 1.26 1.78
     >3.62 237 197 42 1.39 1.42 1.46
    P value

0.009 0.008 0.09

    <3.68 176 146 26 1.00 1.00 1.00
    3.68-4.41 196 159 35 1.15 1.10 1.39
    4.42-5.31 217 176 52 1.28 1.26 1.87
    >5.31 245 203 43 1.43 1.44 1.71
    P value

0.007 0.009 0.02


The authors conclude that men are at higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer if the total plasma level of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA+DPA+DHA) is greater than 3.68%. If that were true, then aggressive prostate cancer would be a major health concern and the leading cause of death in any country with even moderate fish consumption. The facts are that population-based studies show just the opposite effect. For example, prostate cancer incidence and death rates are among the lowest known in populations consuming the traditional Japanese or Mediterranean diets, two diets with a relatively high content of EPA+DHA.


What do other Studies Show?

In addition to population-based studies, several studies have been conducted that were actually designed to determine the effects of fish and fish oil consumption in prostate cancer. In a detailed meta-analysis conducted in 2010, while fish consumption did not affect prostate cancer incidence, it was associated with a 63% reduced mortality due to prostate cancer.2 A meta-analysis examines all previously conducted studies. Here are some of the results from some of these studies:

  • Researchers investigated the effect of dietary fatty fish intake among 6,272 Swedish men who were followed for 30 years. Results showed that men who ate no fish had a two- to three-fold increase in the risk of developing prostate cancer compared with those who consumed large amounts of fish in their diet.3
  • Data from the Physician’s Health Study, a study spanning 22 years, found that fish consumption (?5 times per week) reduced the risk of dying from prostate cancer by 36%.4 -specific death.
  • A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health that involved 47,882 men over twelve years found that eating fish more than three times a week reduced the risk of prostate cancer but had an even greater impact on the risk of metastatic prostate cancer. For each additional 500 mg of marine fat consumed, the risk of metastatic disease decreased by 24%.5
  • In one of the best-designed studies, researchers in New Zealand examined the relationship between prostate cancer risk and EPA+ DHA in red blood cells (a more reflective marker for long-term omega-3 fatty acid intake). Higher levels of EPA+DHA were associated with a 40% reduced risk of prostate cancer.6
  • In a study of 47,866 US men aged 40-75 years with no cancer history in 1986 who were followed for 14 years EPA+DHA intake at the highest levels was associated with a 26% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.7


While some studies make an important distinction, others do not. When ascertaining the benefits of fish consumption it is important to find out how the fish is being prepared. For example, regular ingestion of fried fish was associated with a 32% increased risk for prostate cancer.8 In addition, many studies do not control for the quality of fish or fish oil. Some fish (and fish oil supplements) can contain environmental chemicals that can contribute to prostate cancer such as PCBs, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals.9, 10 These are important considerations.


Final Comments

The best thing about this study is that it will stimulate more research into the role of omega-3 fatty acids in prostate health. The worst thing about this study is that it may lead to many men abandoning the use of fish oil supplements. Based upon a large amount of clinical data it makes sense for men to be consuming 1,000 mg of EPA+DHA daily for general health. And, if they are suffering from one of the over 60 different health conditions shown to be benefitted by fish oil supplementation the dosage should be increased to 3,000 mg of EPA+DHA daily.




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10.       Mullins JK, Loeb S. Environmental exposures and prostate cancer. Urol Oncol. 2012 Mar-Apr;30(2):216-9.

Vertigo: natural remedy for frustrating problem

Nothing is more frustrating to the human condition than dizziness and balance problems coming from inner ear troubles where your ability to function is sometimes instantly compromised.

Almost everyone will experience this condition called vertigo if you live long enough and the medications given for this sometimes can have unpleasant side effects. In the natural field it has always been recommended to take ginger root capsules 3 times daily because ginger root does have impressive effects on balancing the inner ear canals where these fluids circulate which can improve symptoms however I have recently found a technique that offers the best relief from this condition. Many experts believe that small bits of calcium break off in the circular liquid filled part of the ear that creates this vertigo and a technique named, “Epley maneuver” offers great improvement in many cases. The Epley maneuver tends to relocate the loose calcium that has caused the vertigo back into a place where it stops the symptoms. The way to learn this technique can be found by going to  

(This is not a treatment to replace seeing your health practitioner if needed)

My comment on all of this is to restate my opinion that excess calcium in the wrong places in the body is one of the most devastating reasons for disease and poor health as we age. When calcium leaves the bones or is poorly absorbed, it causes us to age at accelerated rate probably equal to all bad habits combined. The reasons calcium gets misplaced in the body is because of: acid reflux medicine, taking poor quality calcium supplements, being deficient in magnesium, and lack of enzymes in the small intestines.

Start now addressing the above reasons for calcium problems and keep this email so in the event you or someone else may have vertigo, you will have the link to learn how to help yourself.

till next time


5 minutes equals 75% less anxiety and stress...

Because of my involvement with Nutrition World, I have been granted the ultimate privilege of regularly being able to learn from experts throughout the United States in health and wellness.  Those that I spend time with are many times not part of the status quo of mainstream teachers on health but they have taken the “different path” and that is why I am attracted to them.  I must say that in 34 years of observing  thousands of people and their health, the number one reason for disease is not bad food and poor nutrition, it is chronic stress and lack of peace in their life!  That is why I believe the following information is the missing link for all of us.

What if I told you that I know a simple hands on technique that could reduce pain, calm anxiety, stop over-thinking, cut food craving, reduce emotional trauma, and cut short drug, alcohol and tobacco addictions.   The technique is called EFT and is used by millions worldwide and now has substantial medical studies to back up its claims.  I was taught EFT by a friend and expert from New York several years ago and have personally used it hundreds of times for a variety of issues.

How does it work? Based on the principles of both ancient acupressure and modern psychology, tapping concentrates on specific meridian endpoints while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations. Combined with spoken word, tapping helps calm the nervous system to restore the balance of energy in the body and rewire the brain to respond in healthy ways.

nutritionThe leading expert and teacher today in EFT is Nick Ortner and I listened with amazement in Atlanta last month to the stories he told of veterans with Post Traumatic Stress that now have their lives back, people with excruciating chronic pain that now lead normal lives because of EFT.  Also simple stories about curing nausea, anxiety, and so many other maladies that it was mind-boggling.  The medical field wants to offer medication only for most of these issues yet with EFT you have something that is totally free and completely safe.

Nick Ortner is the author of the bestselling book, The Tapping Solution.  In his book you’ll not only learn how to start EFT tapping, you’ll also get the history and cutting-edge science behind it. Featuring step-by-step instructions, exercises, and diagrams, The Tapping Solution shows you how to tap on a variety of issues and identify practical applications. Plus, throughout the book, you’ll find unbelievable, real-life stories of healing, ranging from easing the pain of fibromyalgia to overcoming a fear of flying.

If you are intrigued right now about the use of EFT and don’t want to get the book, simply click on the following this link and it will give you enough basic information to make EFT work instantly without buying anything.  Those who really want to immerse themselves in the science and technique of EFT should purchase purchase Nick Ortner’s latest best selling book, The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living (been on top of Amazon sales for months)

P.S.  One additional and extremely effective natural calming agent is the product Theanine which works to calm the system without drowsiness. When taken at a dose of 400mg, this will add something extra help for those really stressful moments.

till next time and get tapping


Your breathing is destroying your health!

     Most people do not realize that due to a variety of reasons,  the majority of the human race has developed into a dysfunctional and unhealthy habit of improper and unhealthy breathing.  Mouth breathing along with light and fast breathing all serves to create great disharmony in our organs, vitality and  depletes our total health.  I remember being intrigued by the effects of deep breathing as early as 10 years old when I found I could alter my awareness through regulating my breath.  Breath is one of the most ancient actions of all life.  I offer a CD of a lecture called, “The Ancient Wisdom of Health”  (ask for free copy)  where I distilled down decades of observing thousands of individuals personal journey through their own health issues and I believe strongly in honoring these traditional age old methods to preserve or regain our health.   I have come to believe that learning how to breathe, similar to how new born’s breathe, may be a vital key to health we have all been missing…

The following letter was written in 1907 by a practicing yogi who understood the implications of improper breathing.  Read this and you will understand the lifesaving effects of “keeping your mouth closed when breathing”.   For those interested in accessing more information on learning how to breathe to create your optimal health, log onto

Nostril Breathing Vs. Mouth Breathing

One of the first lessons in the Yogi Science of Breath is to learn how to breathe through the nostrils, and to overcome the common practice of mouth breathing.

The breathing mechanism of Man is so constructed that he may breathe either through the mouth or nasal tubes, but it is a matter of vital importance to him which method he follows, as one brings health and strength and the other disease and weakness.

It should not be necessary to state to the student that the proper method of breathing is to take the breath through the nostrils, but alas! The ignorance among civilized people regarding this simple matter is astounding. We find people in all walks of life habitually breathing through their mouths, and allowing their children to follow their horrible and disgusting example.

Many of the diseases to which civilized man is subject are undoubtedly caused by this common habit of mouth breathing. Children permitted to breathe in this way grow up with impaired vitality and weakened constitutions, and in manhood and womanhood break down and become chronic invalids. Many contagious diseases are contracted by the disgusting habit of mouth breathing, and many cases of cold and catarrhal affections are also attributable to the same cause. Many persons who, for the sake of appearances, keep their mouth closed during the day, persist in mouth breathing at night and often contract disease in this way.

Carefully conducted scientific experiments have shown that soldiers and sailors who sleep with their mouths open are much more liable to contract contagious diseases than those who breathe properly through the nostrils. An instance is related in which smallpox became epidemic on a man-of-war in foreign parts, and every death, which resulted, was that of some sailor or marine who was a mouth breather, not a single nostril breather succumbing.

The organs of respiration have their only protective apparatus, filter, or dust catcher, in the nostrils. When the breath is taken though the mouth, there is nothing from mouth to lungs to strain the air, or to catch the dust and other foreign matter in the air. From mouth to lungs the dirt or impure substance has a clear track, and the entire respiratory system is unprotected. And, moreover, such incorrect breathing admits cold air to the organs, thereby injuring them. Inflammation of the respiratory organs often results from the inhalation of cold air through the mouth. The man, who breathes through the mouth at night, always awakens with a parched feeling in the mouth and dryness in the throat. He is violating one of nature’s laws, and is sowing the seeds of disease.

Once more, remember that the mouth affords no protection to the respiratory organs, and cold air, dust and impurities and germs readily enter by that door. On the other hand, the nostrils and nasal passages show evidence of the careful design of nature in this respect. The nostrils are two narrow, tortuous channels, containing numerous bristly hairs, which serve the purpose of a filter or sieve to strain the air of its impurities, etc., which are expelled when the breath is exhaled. Not only do the nostrils serve this important purpose, but they also perform an important function in warming the air inhaled. The long narrow winding nostrils are filled with warm mucous membrane, which coming in contact with the inhaled air warms it so that it can do no damage to the delicate organs of the throat, or to the lungs.

No animal, excepting man, sleeps with the mouth open or breathes through the mouth, and in fact it is believed that it is only civilized man who so prevents nature’s functions, as the savage and barbarian races almost invariably breathe correctly. It is possible that this unnatural habit among civilized men has been acquired through unnatural methods of living, enervating luxuries and excessive warmth.

The refining, filtering and straining apparatus of the nostrils renders the air fit to reach the delicate organs of the throat and the lungs, and the air is not fit to so reach these organs until it has passed through nature’s refining process. The impurities which are stopped and retained by the sieves and mucous membrane of the nostrils, are thrown out again by the expelled breath, in exhalation, and in case they have accumulated too rapidly or have managed to escape through the sieves and have penetrated forbidden regions, nature protects us by producing a sneeze, which violently ejects the intruder.

The air, when it enters the lungs is as different from the outside air, as is distilled water different from the water of the cistern. The intricate purifying organization of the nostrils, arresting and holding the impure particles in the air, is as important as is the action of the mouth in stopping cherry-stones and fish-bones and preventing them from being carried on to the stomach. Man should no more breathe through his mouth than he would attempt to take food through his nose.

Another feature of mouth breathing is that the nasal passages, being thus comparatively unused, consequently fail to keep themselves clean and clear, and become clogged up and unclean, and are apt to contract local diseases. Like abandoned roads that soon become filled with weeds and rubbish, unused nostrils become filled with impurities and foul matter.

We have given considerable space to this subject of nostril-breathing, not only because of its great importance in its reference to health, but because nostril breathing is a prerequisite to the practice of the breathing exercises, and because nostril breathing is one of the basic principles underlying the yogi science of breath.

By Yogi Ramacharaka
Published in english in 1904

Time to stop taking calcium?

I feel one of the primary purposes of Nutrition World is to help clarify the confusing reports and studies that are constantly reported about our health in the media regarding nutritional supplements. These health headlines often filter down to the practicing physician which further creates misinformation for millions of people. The most recent report of concern for your health is focused on the use of Calcium and the studies showing increased heart disease with long term use.

I have been preaching for over 15 years that I do not believe in taking large doses of calcium for the purpose of preventing or treating osteoporosis. I know this may sound odd that I am recommending to not take a nutrient but the important truth is that calcium taken without its additional nutrient helpers becomes a very damaging molecule as it forms plaque, bone spurs, kidney stones and cataracts. The human metabolism is designed to only utilize calcium with the addition of proper amounts of magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K2 and stomach acids. If any of these 4 are missing, calcium will deposit itself in all the wrong places.

Ten years ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend a college class at Southern College to observe and work with 3 cadavers, (deceased people) in a lab setting. All of these people were over 60 and had died of differing diseases. I spent several hours intently looking and holding all the internal organs from these people and learned much from the professor in charge. I was totally fascinated with all aspects of my day however the take home message soon became crystal clear to me was this- THE CALCIUM THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE BONES OF THESE PEOPLE HAD INSTEAD FOUND ITS WAY INTO THE ARTERIES AND INTERNAL ORGANS. When I first squeezed the pencil size artery of the women cadaver and it made a sound similar to crushing an egg shell, I instantly realized that most of us die of old age simply because we become a stone statue which inhibits all our internal organs efficiency and not because our organs were worn out!

Health professionals and physicians today receive their bulk of information on nutrition in tiny snippets of data that does not allow them to embrace the entire complexity of any nutrition topic, yet they dispense this inaccurate advice to their patients as fact which is a horrible disservice. Nutrition is compared to an orchestra that requires all the instruments to create the music and if one is missing, the music will be sadly lacking. Nutrients will NEVER be able to be reduced to a single molecule that accomplishes one result because all nutrients work with dozens of accessory compounds to complete their job. Soon you probably be hearing that calcium is worthless for bones and harmful to your health and that you should stop supplementing with it, which is both untrue. The truth is that we need calcium but it must be combined with its

accessory helpers to accomplish preventing osteoporosis and other benefits.


You and your family are now armed with all the proper information needed if you are taking calcium to make it safe and effective. Now when you read in the media or hear everyone speak of calcium as a poison, just smile and go on your way because you now know, “The rest of the story”.

To listen an audio explanation of this topic: visit  Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue author of the book, Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life

till next time


My eternal search for a good night sleep!

Despite eating well, supplementing even better and exercising for 45 years straight, I have had bouts of poor sleeping, early awakening and insomnia that I know detracted from my energy and health. I started with poor sleeping patterns soon after my daughter was born in 1980 I have pursued every path that offered help and I must say with little results, until now. I have finally come up with a system that has worked incredibly well to allow quality sleep for over 6 months straight and it finally addressed the cause rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.19.33 PM

The first step along my path to develop my sleep system was an audio book I listened to called, The Yoga of Sleep: Sacred and Scientific Practices to Heal Sleeplessness by Dr Rubin Naiman. Dr Naiman opened my eyes to the concept of how many of us compromise a good night sleep by a pattern of becoming stressed by the mental idea that we are not going to get good sleep. If we wake up during the night, many times we cannot return because we allow ourselves to worry that we woke up! When I heard this theory I knew that was partially my problem. I remembered a few years ago about a device called the Zeo sleep machine, which monitors the levels of sleep that we are in during the night. I assumed that if I could truly determine how much sleep and at what times I awoke, this would help me to reduce my worry because I would know exactly how my night went. Along with using the Zeo machine, I added 1mg of melatonin, which Dr Naiman recommended in his book, and one tablet of Terry Naturally’s St John Wort which is an amazing product for increasing serotonin, balancing brain chemistry and helping prevent early morning awakenings. For more info on St John Wort, visit Terry Naturally’s website.

Lastly I followed Dr Naiman’s research on keeping the temperature very cool and the room totally dark by using an eye mask to prevent light from being seen and turning out all lights in the bedroom. The very last item for me is to never go to bed hungry because hunger prevents normal blood sugars and inhibits brain chemistry in many individuals.

Before starting my program I would normally go to bed at 10pm and by 11:30 I would awake my first time, but I would usually return to sleep within a few minutes. I would awaken for a second time by 1 to 2 pm and this is when I would start over thinking about how my poor night sleep was going to cause problems with all I had to do the next day. Sleep came slow and I seemed to only be in the light sleep and when I did return to sleep, it never felt refreshing. I would toss and turn trying to force sleep which guarantees no sleep!

Fast forward this story by a month after using the Zeo sleep monitor and I have completely relinquished ALL anxiety and worries about how much sleep I really get because I know from reading the Zeo screen each morning how much and what level of sleep I attained. The truth is that many times in the past I truly believed I was awake for one hour at night which in truth turned out to be more like 6 minutes and I often believed I was sleeping lightly for hours when in truth it was often less than 30 minutes. This completely relaxed me in a way that no longer do I ever worry about getting enough sleep which of course allows my sleep to come naturally. If I occasionally get a little less sleep on one night than I desire, I know the next night will be plenty adequate to make me feel rested.

If you would like to listen to the free audio about sleep and insomnia from Dr Naiman, click here.

To learn more about the incredible Zeo Sleep machine, visit the Zeo website.

till next time and pleasant dreams


Response to Free Press article on bogus remedies.

To editorials of Chattanooga Free Press:

This letter is in response to the horrendously biased article in the Sunday, January 15, 2013 entitled, “Don’t fall victim to bogus flu remedies”.

I have been personally and professionally been involved with the nutritional supplement industry for the majority of my adult life and have never witnessed an opinion being expressed on the value of natural remedies in the media that was so obscene with half truths and filled with inaccurate information as this article in the Chattanooga Free Press.  

What I am referring to is the comments throughout the article on bogus flu remedies that places natural remedies in the class of snake oil and a total waste of money for the public.  One of products that is referenced is the herb echinacea.  I have studied for decades the research on the use of echinacea and how it is a powerful boost to the immune system and almost all physicians who have experience and training in holistic health have a great respect for the effectiveness of this very safe herbal treatment. However the author of this article stated, “Echinacea is one of the biggest culprits responsible for scamming ill Americans out of their money”!   The next totally misguided statement was on Vitamin C. The Free Press editorial stated, “One of the more surprising wastes of money is vitamin C.  The author dismisses any value of Vitamin C despite decades of strong evidence to the contrary and millions who rely on it for strong immune response and maintaining their health and have used it since the 1950”s!     Lastly the comment on a product called, Oscillococcinum, which is remedy sold throughout the world that the FDA actually allows to state on the label, Flu-Like Symptoms-Body Aches-Fever-Chills and was called a bogus remedy by the Free Press article despite impressive research in the European community and millions of people worldwide have found very effective and rely on it every flu season.  

I have found that nutrition, health and medicine to be very similar to religion or politics where some zealots simply gather the information that supports their narrow views instead of having an open mind to see the bigger picture of actual truth.  I find articles such as this one to be a terrible disservice to the public by the media because they rarely feature the opposing view so the readers can receive both sides of the argument in order to make up their own minds. In the world of organized health however, I believe having uninformed subservient patients is the ultimate goal anyway.  

ed jones
nutrition world

How foolish is Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports magazine has a very consistent history of attempting to unfairly portray nutritional supplements in negative articles and in this months article entitled, “10 surprising dangers of vitamins and supplements”  a whole new level of  total non-sense has been reached that I have rarely seen in my 33 years owning Nutrition World. 

I will explain each of their 10 concerns and let you be the judge. 

Consumer Reports states:  Supplements are not risk-free.  I personally know of almost nothing in this life that is risk free.  I wrote an article for my customers recently that showed actual statistics that texting causes 6000 deaths annually, 450 people die yearly from falling out of bed, and ants kill 30 people annually so it is total insanity to accuse in a negative angle that something is not safe because it is not risk free.  The supplement industry, when you look at the data collected by the U.S. national poison data annual report for 2009,  showed zero deaths from vitamin and mineral supplements!
Some supplements are really prescription drugs.  I follow all areas of controversy surrounding the nutritional industry and I must admit that their is a slight truth to this claim.  In the area of sexual stimulants, a few companies have attempted to make money by adding prescription drugs to a product marketed as natural.  If you look on they maintain a list of all investigated products of this type and you clearly observe that the government can act quickly and efficiently in stopping these crooks.  Anyone who claims that the nutrition industry is without regulation will see that we do not need any further laws because the ones we now have are completely adequate and the weakness in the system is simply money to hire more agents. 
You can overdose on vitamins:  Overdosing on water kills people every year so anything can become a poison at a certain dose.  Legislating common sense is unachievable. 
You can’t depend on warning labels:  We are blessed to live in an age of google where you can instantly find every side effect and possible interaction that has ever occurred on products that have years of use behind them.  Most informed consumers now look on the internet for the truth because how much useful information could possibly be on a label the size of a credit card!
None are proved to cure major diseases:  Stating that a certain nutrient can cure a disease is not legal even though many experts believe it may be possible in certain instances.  The word cure is not a word that should be used in my mind anyway because I completely believe that 95% of time the body does the curing regardless of the treatment and alleviating symptoms is the goal of most traditional treatments.  We have lived for thousands of years without medicine and drug stores and the lack of sanitation is what caused most epidemics and deaths throughout history, not lack of drugs.  One of my favorite quotes is the following:  "It's supposed to be a secret, but I'll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing. We only help and encourage the doctor within." Albert Schweitzer, M.D 
Buy with caution from botanical companies:  The hispanic culture values herbs        and those who sell them as part of their healthcare system because of hundreds of  years of relying on them during sickness.  The claim that users need to be cautious is reasonable but that common sense applies to all of us.  
Heart and cancer protection are not proved:  The word “prove” cannot be used in health and healing very often because very little in this life could meet the standards of “proof” in medical thinking.  How many health professionals felt it was proven that all women over 40 needed to be on hormones for their heart and now that theory is scoffed at by everyone.   The one thing no intelligent person can argue with is that improving health results in less disease and if you believe that properly using nutritional supplements improves health than it follows it must offer health protection. 
Pills can irritate the esophagus:  All of us have had an occasion where a pill of any kind can get stuck in the throat but to add this to a list of risks of supplements is grasping at straws to discredit the nutritional supplement industry.
Some natural products are anything but:  I explain regularly that the word, “natural” can have many levels of meaning.  Some believe that if a food or supplement is processed in any way from the point when the plant was picked it is “not natural” where others realize the truer definition may must be more flexible. 
You may not need supplements at all:  This is almost like saying, “you may not need additional income this year”.  I know people who spend unreasonable amounts of time shopping almost daily for the freshest most organic foods, use the purest water, cook with the most natural methods and ingredients and I have yet to believe they are nutritionally adequate 100% of the time.  In today’s world of pollution, foods picked before they are ripe, genetically modified foods, stress, personal genetics, etc, my opinion is that to obtain optimal health you must rely on supplements at least as a insurance against the days where nutrition is inadequate or you have excessive stressors in your life.   Also as we age and we get passed the point of procreation, we have become obsolete in the eyes of nature.   The systems of the bodies are really set up to allow us to further the race and is not designed for longevity and that is the second reason we must somewhat override the machine with higher levels of nutrients if we want to avoid many of the ravages of age. 

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THE must supplement if you are over 40!

There are very few times in the past years I have made a blanket statement to my readers that recommends everyone take a certain nutritional product but today is the day!  Long ago the biochemist Richard Passwater Phd coined the term, “biochemical individuality” to describe that all of us are born with great differences in our nutritional needs that vary as much as 10 fold in some instances compared to the next person which means that it is sometimes difficult to generalize about health or nutrition needs.
However there is one nutrient that EVERYONE over the age of 40 must have to maintain optimal health and eating healthy will not maintain high levels of this special nutrient.
Many of you have heard of CoQ10 for its health giving properties of energy, protection of cells, boost immune system, reduces chance of fatty liver, retards signs of aging, boosts your heart health, helps maintain optimal blood pressure and helps offset the side effects of muscle pains by users of statin drugs.  The problem with CoQ10 is that the human metabolism requires 17 steps to turn CoQ10 into its active compound called Ubiquinol and none of us know for sure if we are able to convert this CoQ10 to its active form.  However now science has finally stabilized the Ubiquinol molecule in a capsule so we no longer have any concerns about guessing if CoQ10 is being absorbed or not. 

Ubiquinol also has research showing that the telomeres, (the ends of chromosomes contain telomeres and these are the key to aging) are maintained more effectively when we take ubiquinol and this alone would be reason enough to consider this product.

The following youtube video is a moving story of Kevin Brown, 40 years old who had a greatly reduced heart ejection fraction, (this test showed severe heart weakness) that attributes Ubiquinol with regaining his health.

The second video is  Jack Nickolson describing in 30 seconds the symptoms of statin drugs!

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Meeting Dr Teitelbaum MD!

Book Review:
Real Cause, Real Cure
Jacob Teitelbaum MD

I just returned from the national nutrition convention in Baltimore where there were over 1000 vendors displaying the latest, innovative products in natural health.  I came across several very interesting topics that I want to share with you over the next few emails. 
Today I want to tell you about the opportunity I had to meet one of natural medicines hero’s, Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. He has treated more than 15,000 patients with a blend of traditional and alternative medicine.  Dr Teitelbaum was signing his latest book, Real Cause, Real Cure which discusses the 9 root causes of the most common health problems and how to solve them.  Dr Teitelbaum understands how to address chronic illness with healing rather than treating symptoms which is what today’s medical model is built on. 
I was so impressed with his latest book that I believe everyone should have it as a reference for themselves or family members.  He has so many jewels of information on the true causes of our health woes and offers very effective alternative solutions that work! 
One example of  information in his  book is his instructions on how to accurately appraise the health of your thyroid by a test called, “the armpit test.”   I have spoken of this test for many years to customers that feel that they have low thyroid yet no blood test confirmed it and Dr Teitelbaum states the following instructions from his new book:

 Before you get out of bed, put a thermometer under your armpit.  Lie quietly for 10 minutes.  If your temperature is under 97.4 on two repeat measurements, you and your doctor should consider treatment with thyroid hormone, no matter what your blood test shows.  I do have to say that you must either use the old fashioned mercury thermometer or a axiliary thermometer and not the regular digital type that cuts off after 3 minutes. 

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